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Jeff Feig currently lives in New York City with his wife, Michelle, and their three boys.  The Feigs are passionate about a variety of causes to which they give charitably of their time, interest, and funds.  Most recently, Jeff & Michelle are dedicating time and resources to increasing CPR training & ensuring wide availability of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) following Jeff’s sudden case of cardiac arrest in August 2016.  According to Jeff Feig’s New York Times interview later that year with writer Jane Brody, “Mr. Feig owes his life and bright future to the forward thinking, planning and participation of fellow residents at Pine Lake Park, a bungalow colony in Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., where he and his family spend the summer. The moment he collapsed, fellow vacationers who had been trained at the colony in CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator, or A.E.D., sprung into action.”


“I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life and I’m not going to waste it,” Feig told Brody. “My goal is to spread the word to increase the level of CPR training in the population and get every institution to have a defibrillator on hand and people trained to use it.” He’s already begun working with organizations in his Upper West Side neighborhood to find funds to make this lifesaving training and equipment more widely available.


The number of lives which can be saved through this effort is astounding. Each year, more than 350,000 Americans suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. 90% of these individuals do not live to tell the tale, because without a defibrillator, the heart cannot regain its normal rhythm. If CPR is not administered to keep the blood circulating to the brain while the victim is waiting for the electric shock to the heart, severe brain damage will occur.  It is for this reason that the case to increase the public’s interest in these life-saving techniques cannot be dismissed.


Other organizations which the Feigs have been involved with and/or funded include: ReelAbilities, Beat the Streets NY, Harlem Children’s Zone, and Jewish organizations such as JTS, The Jewish Week, the Manhattan JCC, and many more.


Professional Life


When he’s not promoting the causes above, Jeff Feig is a respected financial executive who has worked in Canada, London, & New York.  Feig has been in the financial sales & trading industry for over 25 years and is one of the world’s foremost experts in the global foreign exchange markets, spot rates, and much more. As a graduate of the University of Western Ontario’s Honours Business Administration program, he is a former employee of Citi and Fortress Investment Group where he was employed in a variety of senior managerial roles in multiple countries.


Feig was first employed by Citibank in Toronto where he was hired out of college as a Management Associate in 1989. In 1994, Feig began managing teams of traders, and in 2001, Feig moved to London where he was promoted to senior management as head of the central bank’s Foreign Exchange business in the European market. Just three years later, in 2004, Jeff Feig was named by Citi as their new Global Head of Foreign Exchange in a statement to the press, and he returned to NYC. The bank was a huge success with Feig at the helm, recording extraordinary revenues and regaining the top tier market position.


Part of Citi’s success during this time is owed to Mr. Feig’s focus on technology. Throughout his employment at the bank, Jeff was responsible for the company’s tech buildout. In fact, he started Citi’s first foray into electronic market making in 2004 and also opened a lab in Tel Aviv in 2013 which currently employs more than 150 technologists. Jeff also built out quantitative information and research teams to significantly improve Citi’s sales and trading businesses while simultaneously developing strong relationships with the bank’s clients, regulators, and policy makers.


After ten years in his role leading Citi’s international FX business, Feig left the firm to take up his new role as Co-CIO of Fortress Investment Group’s Macro Fund & Co-President of their Liquid Markets business. In a statement, Fortress Director Mike Novogratz said of Feig that, “Jeff brings a remarkable skill set in foreign exchange and rates trading.”  At Fortress, while employed as a Macro PM, Jeff had a large short position on the Swiss currency on the day the Swiss National Bank removed the peg. Although Jeff had recovered half the losses of this trade by April, he still regrets the poor risk management decisions behind his trade in this case and uses it as a key lesson in the importance of a thoughtful and thorough risk management process. Jeff left Fortress a year after starting as alleged client fund withdrawals eventually led to the liquidation of the Macro Fund. At Fortress, Jeff’s portfolio was significantly profitable in 2014 and profitable outside the CHF trade in 2015.


Jeff Feig’s contributions to the foreign exchange industry have gone beyond his former positions at Citi & Fortress.  Feig has been a member and an executive for various boards and committees which govern best practices on transactions and information sharing in the currency trading industry over the years. Notable board positions include his chairmanship of the Federal Reserve Bank’s Foreign Exchange Committee and memberships on the European Central Bank Foreign Exchange Contact Committee, the Bank of England Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Exchange, & the Canadian Foreign Exchange Committee.  These memberships vouch for Jeff’s commitment to a highly professional code of conduct including an unwavering commitment to client confidentiality which is unrivaled in the industry.


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